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•    Information:
Author: MaSOuD
Name: File Indexer/Lister
Type: Snippet
Version: 0.2
Released at: 25 February 2011
File size: 2 KB
This addon in other mIRC Scripting Websites: mIRCScripts.org -- Hawkee.com
Description: By this snippet you can list/index a specific path with specific extension(s) to a text file. (Indexing duration depends on amount of folders/files you have and your PC speed.)

Usage: /findex [-nx] [Extension] <Path>
Example: /findex -nx *.mp3 D:\Music

[-nx] properties and [Extension(s)] are optional.
n: To exclude the path which you enter with your command.
x: To index a specific file extension(s).
You can specify one or more file extension(s) to index them. (*.txt;*.jpg, etc... Separating by semicolon.)

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